Hello (Good morning or Good afternoon). We are LMSEAT.

We sincerely thank all our customers who has constantly supported and encouraged us to grow steadily until today since our company was founded. We have been doing our best in the Grand Carnival Limousine Seat and Interior since our company was founded in 2008 and continue to make steady progress to this day thanks to our all customers’ constant support, having a VIP-only system for multi-passenger buses such as Sprinter, Solati, etc. from this year by expanding our business range. We are striving to collect our opinions of all our employees to always try our best to think with our customers and to respond to our customers’ wishes with the aim of achieving the best quality and the fastest work through the technology of limousine seat production and through thorough interior design that is tailored to individual customers, which we have accumulated over many years. Furthermore, we wish all our employees to pay off their hard work and find their own happiness and to share that glory with you.

CEO Sim Yeongchan





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