Classic TYPE

  • Basic-type limousine Seat
    Row-4 bed-type limousine Seat
    Six, seven, and eight passengers can be available
    A modified form for recreational activities, camping, etc
    Form that provides comfort with basic type of seat and structure


  • Row-1 limousine seat
    Row-2 limousine seat
    Four and six passengers, and office types
    It can be modified only for golf putting
    A form that puts VIP passengers on row-2 first

VVIP First-Class

  • Row-1 limousine seat
    Row-2 Protocol type seat
    Partitions for space separation
    A special thing only for VVIP that is beyond high-end sedans
    Comfort that passengers can get lots of advantages and take some rest
    It is tailor-made for customers who frequently travel long distances and for business customers



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